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2023 PROSE Award Finalist and Book Reviews

Last week, the Association for American Publishers released its list of finalists and winners for the 2023 PROSE Award: "Entries considered by our judges illustrate the wide breadth of excellence, diversity, and merit in scholarly works published today, in all areas of academic study,” commented Emily Bokelman, Manager, Member Programs, AAP. “Our 25-judge panel evaluated this year’s entries to select 105 titles as finalists, further naming 40 exceptional titles to be honored as Category Winners.” We are delighted that The Guests of Ants made the short list of 3 for the Biology Category.

Biological Sciences

Category Winner

The Song of the Cell: An Exploration of Medicine and the New Human, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Scribner


The Guests of Ants: How Myrmecophiles Interact with Their Hosts

Bert Hölldobler, Christina L. Kwapich, Harvard University Press

The Mind of a Bee, Lars Chittka, Princeton University Press

Thank you to the following colleagues and journalists that have also taken the time to read and review The Guests of Ants. We are humbled and grateful for the following:

Dr. Jack Longino for American Scientist:

Dr. Christoph von Beeren for Myrmecological News Blog:

Dr. Andrew Robinson for Nature: Gege Li for New Scientist: Dr. Leon Vlieger for The Inquisitive Biologist: and Top Five Reads of 2022:

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