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Christina L. Kwapich, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida

Behavior and ecology of ant societies: Colony organization, production ecology, myrmecophilous crickets, beetles and spiders, ant nest architecture.

UCF Courses: Ornithology (ZOO 4272), and Social Insect Behavior (ENY 4455C/5555C)

UML Courses: Behavioral Ecology, Entomology, Senior Seminar

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Emilia Carpio
Jessica McCord
Nevin Persaud   
Lauren Ross  
Jackson Talmadge
Isabel Zayas

Spring 2024 Undergraduate Researchers

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Gabe Muniz

Undergraduate Researcher, UML

Hidden biodiversity in ant nests. Myrmecophilous Phruronellus spiders with Crematogaster cerasi.

Hoon Kang

MS Project Student, UML

Adaptive nest architecture in subterranean ant species. Seasonal demography and ant colony organization.

Roman Meneghini

Undergrad Honors Researcher and MS project student, UML

Seed storage and processing in the ant Pheidole pilifera. Function of major workers in dimorphic ants.


Sydney Hy

MS project Student, UML

Social parasites, myrmecophiles, and seed use by Tetramorium immigrans in its introduced range. Urban ecology of invasive species.

Jennifer Ingraham 

MS Project Student, UML

Food sharing and signal mimicry between the ant cricket, Myrmecophilus pergandei and its ant hosts.

Kelsie Belanger

Undergraduate Senior Research Student, UML

Island syndrome in myrmecophiles with poor dispersal abilities. Designing data harvesting tools in Python.

*Now at Tufts University, Graduate Program in Conservation Medicine

Yocha DeChavez

Undergraduate Research Assistant, ASU (pictured, left)

Connor McLeod

Undergraduate Research Assistant, ASU

Melissa Griffin

Undergraduate Research Assistant, ASU

*High School Biology Teacher

Chris Schwartze, ASU

Undergraduate Research Assistant





Connor and Melissa with Veromessor pergandei, in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Ant Lab Alumni

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