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UML Student Research and Engagement Symposium

Four lab members presented 3-minute lightening talks at the UML Student Research and Engagement Symposium this spring. Congratulations to undergraduates Roman and Kelsie, who advanced to the final round of the competition!

Here's a list of the excellent talks:

PhD student Hoon Kang:

"Variation, demography and design in the hidden nest architecture of the ant, Pheidole pilifera."

MS student Jen Ingraham:

"Host exploitation and behavior of the parasitic ant cricket Myrmecophilus pergandei"

Senior research student, Kelsie Belanger:

"Ant colonies as islands: Life history of myrmecophiles"

Senior honors thesis student, Roman Meneghini:

"Are Pheidole pilifera majors winter seed millers?"

Check out the competition finalists from Biological sciences. Roman top row, far right (*not pictured, Kelsie Belanger)

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